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Recruiting is hard work! Denver Staffing Services LLC offers direct placement staffing services in the construction, manufacturing and driving industries. We can reduce the time, efforts and costs that you are spending on your recruiting efforts. We search active,  passive and hidden talent and have built extensive networks. 


Denver Staffing Services LLC is an independent recruiting firm and we care about each and every client!. We can work with your project and tailor the scope of work and budget to fit your individual organizational needs. Not one size fits all. Everything is designed for your organization, no cookie cutters withus. 


Denver Staffing Services LLC uses the latest expert advance searching tools to find the best talent. We stay up-to-date on trends and the latest research while maintaining the good old fashioned way of talking to our clients and candidates. 


Denver Staffing Services LLC bills on a fixed-fee basis, so there are no surprises, nor are there any hidden fees. We are very reasonably priced and offer multiple discounts. We want recruiting services to be accessible to all size of companies. 


Denver Staffing Services LLC can be your sole recruiting source and do it all for you, or we can partner with your hiring managers and talent management staff. We tailor our recruiting packages to fit your organization. 

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